how we work? Full help for suppliers and sellers

What we offer?

Easy catalogue

No need to manually upload products, just link your website to our catalogue, it syncs automatically and you can start selling

All in one place

Manage supplier, product list, marketing material, orders, shipments and payments in one place

Full support

We offer technical, commercial, marketing, logisticts and after sales support. We always go an extra mile for you.

Help suppliers to go online

We help our suppliers through-out all the process, so they are free to produce the best Made in Italy products

If the supplier has an E-commerce

We help integrate suppliers' E-com platform through Shopify, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Json-API, XML connectors

We add a connection module in your ecommerce to export the information
We connect your system to our platform to upload your products in our system
We syncronize automatically 2 times a day product information and stock quantities
We manage orders, payments, logistics and custom documentation

If you don’t have an E-commerce

We help your current catalogue to go online

We help prepare an electronic catalogue with juicy photos of your great products
We import the information to our platform and get you online
We maintain the inventory periodically and update all the vendors
We manage orders, payments, logistics and custom documentation

Help sellers to sell

We connect trusted Italian Supplier to International Sellers through our digital platform
  • Finding unique and reliable Italian suppliers
    The best suppliers are often hard to find and to communicate with since they are small supplier, don't sell one piece at the time, don't have an electronic catalogue and scarsly speak English (cultural and language barrier).
  • Connecting seller website automaticaly to our system
    Sellers will be able to automatically upload product information and update stock avalability through connectors for: Shopify, WooCommerce, Prestashop, JSON-API, XML. This helps save time and resources in manual upload and maintain the sellers' websites.
  • Supplying marketing material and brand information
    For each brand we supply an introduction, marketing material, highlight unique selling points to help sellers to better promote each specific brand. This empowers sellers to grow sales and save time and resources to produce promotional material.
  • Managing orders and payments
    Rome central office receives the orders and payments from our partners, verifies and then forwards them to the suppliers in the smoothest and quickest way.
  • Handling logistics and custom
    Amoritalia In-house logistics collects the product from the supplier, operates quality control, prepares custom documentation, and delivers the goods directly to the final client at the lowest possible cost.
  • Covering product warranties claims
    Every products is covered by a warranty, we take care of interfacing with the suppliers to ensure that each claims is easily and quickly solved without complications.
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