We deliver all around the world at the lowest cost.


This allows us to directly control the process, quality and costs.

Collect from suppliers

We collect goods from our suppliers' warehouse and forward them to the final clients. We monitor the orders and logistics to guarantee a perfect delivery.

Customized packaging

We customize packing to make sure clients feels italian experience and to promote suppliers' and sellers' brands and promotional messages.

Low cost delivery world wide

We constantly search for the best solution to reduce transportation cost. We take care of the entire process, including packing, custom handling and last mile delivery, to guarantee the lowest courier fare.

Custom documentation

We handle custom documentation, invoices and accounting on behalf of our clients anywhere in Eu. We manage CITES products in a quick and cheap manner.

Quality control

We checks products' quality to stop exporting faulty items and avoid unhappy customers. This save significant time, costs and bad reviews.


We reduce transportation costs delivering single orders all together and utilising different size box. This allow us to offer different prices for different volume goods and deliver small products at a very low prices.

We’re here to help you manage your work